Christian Schlepuetz

The past couple of years have marked the centennial anniversary of x-ray crystallography - a field of research that has seen a tremendous growth ever since its birth. Rather than going out of fashion eventually, it has helped to push the boundaries of our understanding of matter and materials steadily further. New x-ray techniques are continuously added to our set of available research tools, while established methods of crystallograpy are reaching new frontiers by taking advantage of the latest instrumentation developments.

Engineering Open House 2014

Join us at our booth, “Peeps in Spaaaace” for Engineering Open House on Mar. 14-15, 2014! Vacuums are more than your trusty Hoover! They are used in a wide variety of industries and can be used to illustrate many important physical concepts, such as pressure, phase changes, and acoustics. Have you ever wondered what would happen to a balloon in a vacuum? Could you hear an explosion in space? What happens to fire in the vacuum of space? Can you get a fireball in space? How can you get ice to crystallize at room temperature? What happens when you put Peeps and shaving cream in a vacuum?

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